Basic principles of customising a learning object

A learning object is a complete 'package'....and in fact they are often called IMS or SCORM packages. A learning object is actually a group of files which are bundled together with built-in navigation, all ready for use in the classroom, or uploading to a learning management system (LMS). Most also come with a 'viewer' which means they can be used outside of an LMS within a browser....which means you could simply burn them to a CD for your students, or put them on your organisation's network.
When you download a learning object it comes to you as a zipped folder with all the files neatly packaged inside. If you want to upload them into your LMS, you leave them all zipped up so that they install all together, with everything in the right place. That part is easy.

BUT......what if you want to change something?
Detailed instructions can be found within Topic 3, however it is helpful to understand the basic principles of what needs to be done, and how it works.
  1. The learning object must first be 'unzipped' so that you can access the separate files and pages.

  2. Then you need to find the page (or pages) which you want to change.

  3. You make your changes by using html editing software (see Tools)

  4. Finally, everything needs to be 're-packaged' into a learning object again, and for this we use 'reload software' (see Tools)


Learning objects are not difficult to only need to understand how the process 'works', and have a couple of (free) tools on hand.