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Not sure what a learning object is...or how to find them? This section will help you to get started with searching for learning objects suitable for your own teaching/training context, and then download them onto your own computer. They're free!

What exactly IS a learning object?

This short Youtube video (2:44) explains what learning objects are...and how they might be used.

Where do I find them?

At the National VET Content website - .take a look around!

How do I find what I need? How do I download them?

Watch a video demonstration(3:34) showing how to search for and download free e-learning content to your computer.

Can they be uploaded to Moodle?

Absolutely. Here is a video demonstrating how to upload a learning object into your Moodle course (3:44)

Note: The 'Intro to Moodle' website mentioned in the above video can be found at: http://e-skillsmoodleintro.wikispaces.com

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