Repackaging is not just a case of zipping your files back up, as you need to turn it back into a learning object again...all in order and complete with navigation. It's not as hard as it sounds, and this section will explain this process.

Putting it all back together again

In the previous section (Changing Text) you learned how to make basic changes to your learning object. Here is the process for turning it back into a learning object again, complete with navigation and viewer.
NOTE: There is also a video demonstration at the bottom of this page.

STEP 1: Getting ready
If you haven't done so already download VET Reload. Start the program up and click OPEN. Find the folder where you have extracted the files of the learning object)
Opening file in Reload.jpg
STEP 2: Opening up
Double-click on this folder to open it. Inside the folder you will have a file called ‘imsmanifest.xml. Select this file and click Open.
Locating the imsmanifest.jpg

VET Reload will display something that looks similar to below. (It won’t be exactly the same because every learning object is a little bit different)

File within Reload.jpg

STEP 3: Checking (optional)Preview Content Package in Reload.jpg
You could just repackage up your learning object at this point, but if you want to double-check the changes that you made, use the small crosses on the left to ‘open up’ the files and find the html page which you changed and then double-click on it to open it up in a browser. If you have changed several pages and would like to check the whole package before re-packaging, use the 'Preview Content Package' icon.

STEP 4: Repackaging
Zip Content Package in Reload.jpgAll good? You’re ready to re-package. Simply click on the ‘Zip Content Package’ icon at the top.
You will be asked where you would like to save the zip file. (Iit is suggested that you save it in a different place than your ‘pulled apart’ files, in case you ever want to go back and change something else.)
Give your new zip file a name which is different than the original file, so that you know that this is the zip folder which contains your customised files. Click Save.

Save as a new folder.jpg

STEP 5: Selecting player
You will be asked which Player you want….select ‘Standard’.
Select Player.jpg

STEP 6: Finished!
That’s it! You now have a customised learning object all packaged up into a zip file, and ready to be uploaded into your Learning Management System or delivered to your students in some other way.
New zipped folder.jpg

Video Demonstration

This video demonstrates the above process:

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