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So you've found a great learning object...but you'd like to change some of the text as it doesn't refer to your teaching context, or you'd like to add text relevant to your particular organisation. This section will explain how these simple alterations can be easily achieved.

How to add, delete or alter text (using Kompozer)

Kompozer logo.jpgAfter you've had a look through the files in the learning object (see Getting Started) you will have worked out which ones you want to customise. The following instructions are for Kompozer (see Tools/Software Requirements in the Getting Started section) although any web editing software will do.
NOTE: There is also a video demonstration at the bottom of this page.

STEP 1: Getting ready in Kompozer
  • Open Kompozer, and click Edit Sites (left hand side) to create a new 'site'....then give your site a name (whatever you like)
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Site name.jpg

  • Ignore the other boxes, but click Select Directory, and find the new folder that you created...the one in which you unzipped your downloaded learning object.
  • Select the folder (don't open the whole folder). Your new 'site' will appear in the Site Manager window on Kompozer.
  • Click on the small cross next to the name....this will open up your site so that you can see all the files.
Open site.jpg

STEP 2: Making the changes
Find file.jpg
  • Explore these files by opening up the different folders, and find the html files that you want to change.
  • Double click on the html file - this will open it up in the main window of Kompozer, ready for customisation.
  • At this point, you can delete text, add text, change the fonts, size, colour etc, using the toolbar at the top. You can also add hyperlinks to external web addresses, and change the formatting of a page (eg add dot points).
(Note that you are actually changing the file in the folder on your computer....Kompozer is just acting as a 'viewer and tool'. For this reason, you may want to make a copy of the original files as a back-up, before changing anything).

Ensure you save as you go, so that all changes are saved.Save.jpg

STEP 3: Checking
When you have completed customising the text as required, close Kompozer. Go back to your folder and click on the 'start-here.htm' file again, to check that you have made all the changes you need.

That’s all there is to it!
Now...on to the final step - you need to 're-package' your learning object as a single, zipped, learning-object file. This is done with a tool called VET Reload - explained in the Repackaging section.

Video Demonstration

This video demonstrates the above process:

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