How to Embed a video in a Learning Object eg YouTube

Some of the earlier learning objects do not have a lot of multi-media in them, and you may want to add a video. Or perhaps your industry or organisation has excellent videos which you would like to include. This is one of the easiest changes.

Video.jpgAdding video

The easiest way to add video to a learning object is to embed it from a site such as YouTube or TeacherTube. This does not contravene copyright as you are not downloading the video, but merely linking to it. If you have your own video, it is still better to upload it to one of these sites and use the embed code, rather than to house it within your own network, LMS or computer ...because of the sheer size of video files.

STEP 1: Prepare your video
Locate the YouTube video you want to include, or upload your own video to the YouTube site (the resource 'How to Upload a Video to YouTube' may be useful). Note that you can allocate privacy settings for your video to make them either 'Public' or 'Unlisted', however do not make them private or they will not show in your learning object.

STEP 2: Prepare your learning object
Follow the instructions in 'Getting Started to locate the page where you would like to include video - write this down. Open Kompozer (see Tools in the Getting Started section) and set up a new site as per the instructions in Changing Text, and locate the web page where the video will go. Double click on the html file - this will open it up in the main window of Kompozer, and the page will be displayed.

STEP 3: Getting the embed code
Under your chosen video, click 'Share'....then 'Embed' (see below). A box will appear with code. You do not need to understand the code, but merely copy it ready for pasting into your learning object. Note that you are also able to adjust the size of your video - do this before you copy the code. YouTube also allows other options such as 'privacy-enhanced mode' which you will find directly underneath.

STEP 4: Adding the code to your learning object
In Kompozer, locate the exact place where you wish to place your video, and type in a line of 'OOOOO's'. (This is so you can locate the spot :-) ) Click the 'Source' tab at the bottom (see below) and locate the list of 'OOOOO's' them and paste your embed code over the top. Click 'Normal' on the tabs to go back to your page and check that the video has appeared! (You will need to be working online to see the video).

STEP 5: Checking and Re-packaging
When you have completed adding your video, close Kompozer. Go back to your folder and click on the 'start-here.htm' file again to ensure that your video is showing and correctly located. Finally, re-package your learning object according to the instructions in the Repackaging section.

Demonstration Video

This video demonstrates the above processes:

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